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Minerals and Crystals

Our love for minerals and crystals are seen throughout Luni jewelry. If it’s either their scientific properties or the metaphysical ones crystals and minerals are amazing gifts that Mother Nature gives us.


Amethyst: A highly valued stone in the ancient times, it was used in Neo-lithic Europe, Rome, Greece & in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of beauty and royalty. It is said that when worn, it protects, purifies and provides divine connection to the wearer. It can also aid in the release of addictions and in meditation.


Azurite: It is called the ‘Stone of Heaven.’ It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities,enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences to others.


Chrysocolla: Traditionally known as the mother stone, it has feminine qualities that soothe you when worn. It is tranquil, allowing one to express themselves through fluid communication, gentle energy and subtle power.


Coral (Red):It is said to bring you inner peace and settles your emotions. It facilitates intuition and visualization, and protects you from depression and despondency. Coral opens and activates your Base Chakra, stimulating the energetic pursuit of predetermined goals.


Garnet: Is said to be the stone of immense passion and love, it carries the energy of prosperity and enjoyment of worldly pleasures. Garnet enhances truth, faith and consistency.


Green Turquoise: It symbolizes the union and balance of Earth and Sky to the ancient peoples of the Southern USA. It is perfect to use when you are feeling out of balance as it realigns and revitalizes your cellular structure. It facilitates meditation, bringing you peace of mind and allows you to perceive information psychically.

Howlite : It is said to be used to calm communication, to facilitate awareness and to encourage emotional expression. It’s great for facilitating your memory, knowledge, and progress. It encourages reasoning through observation and patience, providing discernment and bringing progress marked with triumph.


Labradorite: This stone is prized for its play of color which ranges from green, blue, gold, orange, red and sometimes violet. It is special because it can enhance our intuitive qualities quite rapidly and aids us in self-discovery.


Obsidian: It is said to be an excellent grounding stone and provides for a connection from the base of your spine to the heart of the Earth. It’s an excellent shield against negativity and is used for protection.


Lapis Lazuli: Is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection. This may be related to its property of assisting in contact with guardian spirits.


Rose Quartz: It is said to be a stone of unconditional love! It opens your Heart and Crown Chakras to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. The elevated energy of Quartz gives Rose Quartz allows it to enhance love in virtually any situation, bringing gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance.


Pyrite: is a stone of intellect and protection. It enhances intelligence, mental stability, logic, analysis, creativity, memory, and psychic development. It can help you tap your own latent mental talents and abilities.


Tourmaline: It is said to clear negative emotions and thoughts and opens you up to joy and honesty. It aids in the receptivity of inspiration and allows it to flow freely into your mind. It does not hold a charge or store energy and so doesn’t absorb negative energy- it repels it! Carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. (Green) It is said to be a healer on all levels. It is used to purify and strengthen your nervous system so that it can circulate increased spiritual energy. Many people use, carry, or wear it to relieve chronic exhaustion. (Pink) It is said to be great for self-love, compassion, promoting feeling of joy, and enthusiasm as you release your old hurts. It helps you to trust in the power of love! It brings cognitive awareness and experience of Universal love. It provides support to those working with it, creating balance in emotional and intellectual states and strength in adverse conditions.


Yellow “Turquoise”: Brings about good luck, prosperity, inner peace, centeredness, calm and fluidity in communication.


Enjoy these small descriptions of the stones that are featured in the pieces. I am aware that not everyone believes in the power of crystals, however everyone enjoys their beauty. For whatever reason you choose a Luni item , always remember that is made with love to keep forever.

Love , Luni