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Amethyst Clavicle Necklace




The Amethyst Clavicle Necklace is delicate and is the perfect addition as a everyday staple. It sits right in the clavicle , made with Sterling Silver chain and a gorgeous Amethyst teardrop and two Lapis Lazuli beads being supported by a jumpring representing the Circle of Life. Similar to it’s cousin the Pyrite Clavicle Necklace this delicate beauty will become your new favorite piece.

Amethyst is said to still to be a remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments, and creates a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction. Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability. It initiates wisdom and greater understanding, and is a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Lapis Lazuli is said to help create and maintain a connection between the physical and celestial planes, creating a strong spiritual connection. This may be related to its property of assisting in contact with guardian spirits. Intuitive and psychic awareness are energies Lapis Lazuli enhances and brings to the fore.

This necklace is made to order, please allow 1 to 2 weeks for shipment.


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